Lakin is a Business Administration major. One day she hopes to work high up in management in a big company. Besides being a Delta Zeta, she is also in the honors program and involved in the college of business. During her free time, she loves hanging with her DZ sisters, crafting, and reading a good book. Lakin also keeps herself busy by working in ISU human resources during the school year and lifeguarding during the summer. 



"I joined Delta Zeta to find my best friends, sisters, and soulmates. Delta Zeta brought me to these women who I instantly clicked with and could not be more grateful for. I know that the friends that I have made already through Delta Zeta will last long after college and become life long friendships. The best part about being in a sorority is that you not only get to spend time with your best friends, you have so many opportunities to give back to the community and make a differenceDelta Zeta will always be my home away from home."







“I joined Delta Zeta because I wanted to make life long friendships and give back to the community and our amazing philanthropy. Delta Zeta brought me forever friendships, endless opportunities, and amazing memories that I will never forget. Delta Zeta has truly molded me to become a better person and I couldn’t imagine my life with out Delta Zeta and all of my extraordinary sisters.”




Bailee is a Fashion Merchandising and Design major. Her dream job is working for a large and successful clothing company in Chicago. In her spare time, you'll usually find her at the gym, at the dance studio, or cuddling one of her three kittens! She also enjoys cheering on her favorite sports teams the Chicago White Sox and the Pittsburgh Steelers.



"I joined Delta Zeta because I wanted to make friendships and memories that will last forever. Right away the women of Delta Zeta caught my eye and I have never been happier. Not only does this group of girls care about one another, but they also truly care about community service and academics. I can gratefully say that I've found my bridesmaids in this sorority! I am extremely proud to be a Delta Zeta." 




Kait is an Integrated Marketing Communications Major. Her dream is to some day work for a marketing firm focusing on graphic design. In her free time she loves to hangout with her friends and family, read a good book and watch the Blackhawks play. The key to Kait’s heart is a latte from Starbucks or a burrito bowl from Chipolte.


“I joined Delta Zeta because I wanted to make lifelong friendships with amazing women. Delta Zeta has so far given me so many memories, leadership opportunities, and volunteer and service work. Being a Delta Zeta has truly impacted my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without my sisters.” 



 Ashley is a sophomore this year at Illinois State. She plans to graduate with a degree in Human Resource Management with hopes to have a job in Chicago after graduation. You will most likely find her hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, or online shopping. 


"I chose Delta Zeta because I've never met a more encouraging group of women that became my best friends and changed my college experience for the better. Delta Zeta has helped me find friends I didn't know 1 year ago, but 1 year later won't be able to live without." 




Marissah is a Business Management major. Her dream job is to one day open up a fashion boutique somewhere down south. For fun, she loves to hang out with family and friends, workout and watch a good romantic movie. You can often find Marissah at the Rec late at night or on the lake during the summer.



“I joined Delta Zeta to find friends that would last a lifetime. I wanted to experience helping others through philanthropies. Delta Zeta has already given me multiple opportunities that I am thankful for. I can’t wait for the journey to continue.”



Vanessa is an accounting major who plans on becoming a Certified Public Accountant after she graduates. Her dream job is to work as a forensic accountant. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, playing sudoku, and shopping. Vanessa is also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan!


“I joined Delta Zeta to create lifelong friendships with the amazing women I get to call my sisters.There is never a dull moment and always a shoulder to cry on thanks to them. Delta Zeta has also given so many opportunities all while being able to give back to our community. All around Delta Zeta has given me the support I will always be grateful for".




Heather Winfrey-Richman is an alumni of Illinois State University and the Lambda Rho Chapter. During her collegiate years she served as House Manager, Guard, numerous chair positions, as well as on Illinois State University's Pahellenic Board. Heather currently serves as the Chapter's College Chapter Director and Illinois State University Faculty/Staff Advisor. As College Chapter Director she assists the chapter in overseeing general chapter operations.